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Piwoslaw -

This has been achieved by:

Lowering the ride height by 5 mm
The fitment of a special flexible lower bumper trim and deeper side extensions
Optimisation of the vehicle’s air intakes
The addition of an under-tray covering either side of the exhaust system and the fuel tank
The fitment of special aerodynamic wheel trims
The introduction of a two-part rear spoiler with side extensions which wrap around the rear windscreen
To reduce the rolling resistance, Michelin 15” 185/65R15 VLRR (Very low rolling resistance) tires are fitted.
It looks like all the new "eco" models (i.e. Hyundai) have lowering on the list. I think I wll look into this for my car.

I know I can get Eibach lowering springs for something under $250. That will give me 1.3" front/1.0" rear lowering ( 33.02 mm front / 25.4 mm rear). Next time I get an oil change, I'll get a quote on installing new springs. I think I will also need an alignment.

Besides the cost, I was worried that my one-size-up-from-stock tires would rub. But I think I would be fine.


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