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Most of it is obvious. Also, some don't have EGR, manifolds will swap between heads, the bolts and gasket would have to replaced anyway, TPS is part of the OEM TB, so it's a moot point, timing belt and covers are obvious, since they're the whole point of the head swap anyway, passenger side engine bracket, I didn't know made a difference, and I've never heard of anyone modifying their pistons to swap heads.

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Oh - the fact that the SOHC has smaller valves is the reason it has better low-end torque. Higher intake/exhaust velocity. The .2 compression difference does something, but it wouldn't be anything you could feel.

The Minivan w/ the 2.4 is DOHC, but I'm not sure what size the valves are. I know it sucks for torque, though. It doesn't pick up until somewhere just south of redline, butt-dyno. Then again, the van weighs like 3500#, too. I'm sure it would feel better w/ a 5 speed in a Neon.
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