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S10 winter driver

I had a 91 Sonoma (GMC version S-10) for 10 years. It was a club cab 4.3 V-6 with 4 speed auto. I still managed to get high 20s mpg with it and I drove it hard. Under half throttle acceleration it would rip off a 3-5 second "chirp" and if floored it would smoke whichever tire had the least weight on it when it went for second. My driving style is a little different now.

The tire spin was because it was light in the rear. If you are gonna drive it in the snow you will need to put weight in the bed. That was my main complaint about mine, helpless in snow. Of course I never ran anything except the original 70 series "all season radials". All those burnouts didn't help the tread depth either.

Got rid of it in 01 because the wife hated the peeling blue paint and it needed valve guides so it smoked when first started. Plus she wanted me to get a 4x4.

You won't have the power I did but it should be a good winter truck for you. If it's not too rotted out with rust.

As far as eccomodding it, it is pretty square and mine got pretty squirrely over 95 or so but I doubt you will be doing anything like that. But pushing a brick through the air takes it's toll. For the price, if it gets you through the winter, who cares about your FE rep.

I feel for ya about the insurance and license cost as I used to live in Eastampton. Then I moved to Arizona and the costs went up 150%. So Joisy aint so bad.

Looking at the photos, except for the grille and cab length, it brings back fond memories of the ol Sonoma. Even the color is about the same as the dark blue looked at one point. No matter what I did the paint just died.
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