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bowling for fuel

Originally Posted by botsapper View Post

Here's another view of the removeable tail. The clear/body color PVC panels welded into a rear-body conforming airfoil. The inflatable would have multiple high pressure tube spars either longitudinally or transverse (interestingly the transverse 'bumps' offer some aero benefits, Mythbuster testing?)
The temporary structure could be held down with straps & there is a rigid spar coming from the trailer hitch, holding the signal harness, plate & rear light assemblies. It also tucks in & tidy up the inflatable tube ends.
At the end of the day, it could also serve as the children's slide on the front lawn.
I'd set up bowling pins on the curb and then see how many can be knocked over with a left turn!
Wow,the imagery is just too good!
I do think maybe Kamm has a point with "practical" length issues.Something this long might want to be half car/half trailer.I'm to squeemish to attempt something that radical in pure cantilever.Not sure what a strong momentary sidewind gust might do.
We do need an EcoModder wind tunnel!
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