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With something as useful and beautiful as this, why would you want it removable?

Okay, I suppose it would interfere with your ability to load akward cargo and parallel park. But if you drop the requirement that it be able to be stored inside the Metro, it becomes easier to design and build, since you can use a single rigid frame. Storable in the garage is almost as good. You'd use the boattail on road trips, and leave it at home for commuting.

@Botsapper: That's a very nice render. But if you taper the sides, bottom, and top at the same angle, you preserve attached flow with shorter overall length. Actually, with the Metro taillamps being almost half as wide as the rear of the car (based on counting driveway tiles), you probably want a square rear truncation, with the license plate mounted above or below the taillamps.

MetroMPG: How long do you think you're going to make the boattail?
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