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Oh, I love data.
Originally Posted by Gasoline Fumes View Post
That is a super-flat BSFC curve. I guess that should be expected from this sort of diesel, though.

The tragedy here is that the BSFC is consistently underwhelming. 210g/HP*hr is the same as 282g/KWh for the diesels you'll find here, or 277g/KWh for the gassers. Bottom line, at 27.8% efficiency, this Kubota is about as efficient as a garden-variety engine with fuel economy gearing, but much less efficient than any of the special engines out there - TDI, lean burn, Prius.

I like the idea of an underpowered, efficient small diesel for cruising, plus a large gas engine for accelerating, hill climbing, etc. However, this is not the correct engine.
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