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Originally Posted by NeilBlanchard View Post
I wonder if the rear shape is right for good aero? It certainly is better than
a VW Bug, but it may not be "enough". A truncated rear fascia would
probably be better?
I think that I've posted this somewhere else on EM, but it fits real nicely

It looks to be a very aerodynamically clean shape indeed. (And strangely,
looks somewhat like a Prius going backwards!!!) I will note that the body
has gotten quite a bit shorter than in the initial artist's conceptions from
some three years ago.

In a virtual world of proposed EVs that are butt-ugly, I really like the
shape of this car. It may not be all that practical out in the real world
-- too much glass, only 2 seats, etc. --but it screams it's function:
"LOW DRAG. And oh by the way, I'm ALL ELECTRIC too."

I'm waiting for a user-friendly-to-me EV. I'll get this one should it not be too
much delayed beyond the Nissan Leaf, BYD, etc, just to make folks sit up
and wonder out loud, WTF was that?

Not quite the befuddlement factor of the Aptera, but close.

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