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Fantastic Numbers!

Don't get me wrong. I know it's not a Civic CRX HF but for those of us who are performance enthusiasts, this is as good as it gets for a supercar. I mean research what a Lambo or Ferrari gets and you will fall off your chair in amazement at what GM has done with their "antiquated" OHV V8 engines. I currently drive a 3.2L V6 NSX with a mere 290 horsepower and I can't get these numbers. I was researching what mileage numbers people were getting with their Z06's because I am looking to one day move out of the slower NSX. I now believe what I've heard from other owners on other blogs. I mean, I used to own a 2.0L S2000 with much less horsepower and the best I could get with that driving with cruse control at a steady 65 was not quite 30mpg and my combind average was only around 20. I thought that was good! I could probably do that with this Z06 when not tracking it.

I've learned also that the OHV V8 is a much newer technology than the DOHC engine. DOHC came out in the 20's and the OHV V8 was debuted in the mid 50's. Research Duesenberg.

Among the novel design features ( for a pre-1940 production engine ) seen on various Duesenberg engines are SOHC, DOHC, 3 and 4 valve heads, Superchargers and aluminum castings.
I'm just a car enthusiast. Thanks for the info!

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