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I drove the Insight on the road today!

I took the Insight out for a short shakedown around the neighborhood. Everything works exactly as it should, except for a coolant leak for which I have a part on order. I hope to have some welding done tomorrow, Potenzas installed and a state inspection done on Friday, and maybe I'll do some mods on Saturday before I leave for AMEC F.E. Run IV.

At one point, I turned on the blower motor to de-fog the windshield, and a minute or two later, the coolant temp had dropped from 200 to 150F, and the car went into "not yet warmed up" mode with no auto-stop. Apparently, I won't be able to run the heater while I'm hypermiling around town. :-)

On a 2.1mi cruise, topping out at 35mph, and obeying every stop sign, I got 57.8mpg. This was ignoring the ScanGauge and factory instrumentation, and with no kill switch installed.

This car is something special.
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