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Originally Posted by captainslug View Post
I give up.
The Series-Parallel switching works, but the series mode doesn't offer enough torque to be very useful for acceleration.
Top speed in Parallel is only 18mph.
Top speed in Parallel is 35mph.

And the battery pack is struggling to supply the demanded power.

The bike is too heavy. The motors are too small in wattage. The batteries don't have enough capacity.
And I can't afford to work on this project any further.

Dude, don't get discouraged, you'll find a way to make it better/lighter/faster.

You've spent alot of time and money on this project, too much to see it just get closeted and never spoken of again - Even if you can't work on it right now, you'll still be able to find better resources at some point, and until then, you can use what you have (gently, of course).

Maybe with the money you save in fuel, you can start looking into a NiCd battery pack, or something even lighter/better! Even if you can't use it to commute every day, you should still be able to use it to run to the corner store, etc, once in awhile, and that will still help tremendously!
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