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The road performance in the current configuration is pretty bad. A 50cc bike can run rings around this.
The batteries are not up for the demands currently placed on them. I'm wary of how low the voltage is dropping even when the pack is fully charged. If I want to ride it around at all I'd have to drop down to the smaller sprocket and take a big hit in top speed.
Even then the performance will be sub-par for a bike this size.
Originally Posted by Christ View Post
Maybe with the money you save in fuel
One thing this project taught me was that riding electric won't save me money in fuel. The cost per mile is significantly higher because you pay your fuel costs upfront.
Replacing the batteries and the motor is essentially starting this project all over again and I have no interest in spending that much time or money any time soon.

I've learned a great deal and I don't regret this project. All I regret is not having done more research before I started to determine what kind of power requirements are needed to get the performance level I wanted.

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