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The HF tranny is a long geared transmission that will work well with the VTEC-E. If it is tired, you will need a hydro to cable converion kit to run a newer tranny, which can be around $200, better to stick with the cable tranny imo.
Being a former engine importer, I will warn you that Tiger has ripped people off and sold them bad engines, beware.
You will need to get an OBD-0 to OBD-1 ECU conversion harness. Being you have MPI already it's plug and play pretty much. The VTEC-E has some different O2 sensor wiring so you may have to swap a few wires around and be sharp with schematics and wiring to make that part work right, you need the wideband oxy sensor of the VTEC-E, and it's an expensive sensor.
The 88HF is one of the lightest models and one of the best oem shapes honda made for efficency. Potential is there for 50mpg plus, properly setup.
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