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Originally Posted by AJI View Post
Just had a read through this thread! I must say Damo I'm quite jealous - a Smart Roadster and a 2.4 JTD Alfa 156? Two cars with great fuel efficiency yet loads of fun and sound great too!
Yes I think i've chosen well. They were both fairly cheap to buy, since everyone's afraid of them! I haven't had any real problems yet, luckily.

Originally Posted by AJI View Post
Interesting. Is that all that has to be done to remove power assistance from the Roadie? With an electrical system is it as simple as removing a fuse or something?
Simply disconnect the torque sensor from the steering rack. It doesn't save as much energy as a hydraulic system, since it only gives full assistance at low speeds.

Originally Posted by AJI View Post
Do you have an image of what these look like? I've always assumed the recessed lights wouldn't be too hot aerodynamically (though they're something I'd personally be prepared to put up with as the Roadie is fairly economical anyway)

Originally Posted by AJI View Post
Does it cost that much for some original Smart steel wheels? Surely many owners are getting rid of these and replacing them with alloys. I actually really like the look of the steel wheels - they suit the car more than any of the alloys - though you do have the Coupe version and I think the steel wheels may look a little small for the car - they suit the non-Coupe Roadster very well though. They were standard equipment on the Roadster Light, which if I were ever to get a Roadie would be the model I'd want:

Think the steel rims are 120 + vat. I've seen some come up on e-bay, but it's quite expensive to get them over to N.Ireland from england!

Originally Posted by AJI View Post
Wow, 205 section tyres? Can't even imagine how much grip that thing has, it must weigh a hundred kilos less than my mk1 MX-5 on 195 section tyres and the Mazda has ridiculous levels of grip. I'd certainly be looking for some of the 15" wheels on narrower tyres - it'll improve your non-assisted steering, give you lower rolling resistance and you'll still have an abundance of grip.
Yes, front end grip is unreal. Also since there's no engine in the front, the direction change is very quick!

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