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Originally Posted by orange4boy View Post
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What is the simplest way to get a oil sample?

Darn TIS won't take canadian credit cards so I'm SOL for now on the shop manuals.
For transaxle oil samples, I take a clean, DRY, water bottle, 0.5 L is perfect. After wiping down the area around the drain bolt, I loosen the drain bolt and let the first stream 'wash' the exterior. Then I put the bottle under and capture a sample (like giving a urine sample only from a transaxle.)

There are several labs and I suspect with all the mining activities in Canada, there are many choices. I've used R&D labs of Tampa FL and get a standard oil test along with a 40C and 100C oil viscosity test (also called out in getting an 'oil index'.) My tests run $20 (US) and I've been saving the results over in the Yahoo Group, "toyota-prius-sat2", an overflow group established to hold files when the other "Prius_Technical_Stuff" group folders exceeded the Yahoo quota.

On the maintenance manuals, send me a PM and 'we can do a deal.' Alternatively, you may be able to find used manuals on Ebay. Let me know which way you want to go.

I have a 'paypal' private company,, and I can buy the manuals and for my costs, ship them to you. In October 2005, I paid over $300 for my set and I don't know what they go for now. I bought my manuals from TIS and they came with a stack of inserts, update pages. So my first pass through the manuals was to put in the inserts. <grins>

I would recommend at a minimum, Vol. 2 and the electrical diagram. Volume 1 is your road map for understanding the codes. If you've ordered a scanner, you'll need volume 1 to understand what is going on and the fault tree.

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