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I ran a few errands in the Insight after I got home from work today. Tires at 50psi provide a very stiff ride in this car. Stopped by RadioShack and got some supplies for mods I need to execute tomorrow. Fuel economy was in the low 50's, and I was unable to engage lean burn, probably due to low intake air temperatures. I can work on that, but maybe not in time for the fuel economy run.

@Funny: Thanks. I'd really like to get 70mpg for a lifetime average, including winter and short trips around town. I'd also like to record a 1000 mile tank (100mpg) without driving at speeds that I consider slow. So yes, I will need to modify it. I intend to improve the already excellent aerodynamics, give the driver more control over the IMA assist/regen, and maybe reduce weight slightly.

@LeCouch: Cheektowaga, near the Town Park. Tell her to look for the tiny Honda with a broken fender, wrinkled hood, and homemade bumper cover.

The car needs a little Bondo and a little paint.
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