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Originally Posted by chuckm View Post
Okay, I still don't think living in tents and praying for a successful hunt at least once a week are better than an urban and agricultural life.
Actually traditional prehistoric hunter gatherers typically
1. Worked an average of 2 hours per day
2. Took an afternoon nap when climate allowed (we are designed to nap)
3. Lived as long as we do, oddly hunter folks always outlived the agricultural folks, they lived long enough into old age to get advanced arthritis. (assuming natural disaster, starvation or some form of blunt force death didn't occur)
4. Hunters rarely had heart disease, diabetes. cancer and most of the common modern ailments, whereas most agricultural societies had huge increases in heart disease, especially grain based societies. Look at Egypt, they had huge problems with obesity, heart disease and only lived to about 21 and they ate almost solely grain.

The above ONLY apply to those who were strictly hunter gatherer, not the hybreds like native americans who tended to also farm on the side. Usually they were restricted to favorable climate as well thus eliminating many of the weather related hardships.

You can find the facts I list above from more than one source and aren't speculation.

So although we have cool stuff we are paying for it in more than one way.
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