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Originally Posted by Cd View Post
Metro, after looking at the gallery, I assumed wrongly that they ran at Bonneville with those stock door handles.
The door handles were flush at Bonneville.
I just reviewed my old Speedweek pics of the 999 from Bonneville. Mine show stock looking door handles covered in green/white/black vinyl.

One of the aero tricks that I really liked was how they jacked the 999 up. It was sort of like the jacking holes that rally cars use, except much larger and you had to open the rear doors for access. Once a rear door was opened, a foot-long pipe with an upside-down trailer ball was pinned in place with an aircraft pip pin. Then a floor jack would lift the upside-down trailer ball. They went to a lot of effort to hide the jacking points.

The whole rear of the car was one big science project. It looked like NASA. The fiber tanks were protected by a roll cage that even extended to the trunk. (Trunk cage?) It was all pretty slick, except the snorkel exhaust pipe that stuck out beyond the rear of the car. That was goofy.
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