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Life works in strange ways...
I've stumbled into a side job helping the local Zap/Miles/Wheego mechanic.

At the shop, we've got a collection of old Discover batteries lying around that I could get for next to nothing, which got my grey matter a-turnin'

I've already talked about deleting the alternator on SCarlett and EV batteries would work great for that, but last week I got trained on eGo scooter repair...

...The eGo is a fairly punchy little vehicle powered by a 2 HP DC motor the size of a coffee can. It runs on two 12v deep-cycle batteries in series, and the controller is capable of regenerative braking

Regen! Woo!

If I were to fit the motor to the bracket the PS pump used (provided the proper pulley could be adapted) I would have a very powerful 24 volt alternator/starter combo (BAS anyone? Anyone? Bueller?).

My first-draft control scheme for this monstrosity goes like this:
~In-gear braking already shuts the engine off, so I'd leave that alone (DFCO) and engage regen
~Shift to neutral with the hybrid system active, and the engine shuts down
~Put it in gear and slowly let out the clutch and the motor spins the engine up, activating the injection while the clutch grabs
~While cruising the 24v system does nothing. No regen, no boost

Let the scheming begin!

Hehehe... If one of your facial lacerations leaves a small scar, you'll have a SCarlett.

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