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If you're going to cover up the area around the rear bumper then you should make a cut out for the spare wheel. I see some handy little bolts holding the bottom of the bumper in place. These will hold the coroplast very securely. I'm sure there may be other bolts around the sides. Some threaded rod will allow you to bolt on your coroplast at any desired height.
Re; the front of the diesel tank, that is ugly alright. The 308's solution looked good and maybe you could do a variant of that along with a full belly pan? I see lots of bolts spot welded to the chassis that will be very handy to attach a belly pan. I see though, that the exhaust is hanging low so will touch your belly pan if you go the completely covered route like i did. In my case i just stuck on some reflective foil tape and i have no melting issues. At least at the speeds i drive at. I was in a hurry once and got a whiff of hot coroplast when i got out of the car!! Mmmmm toasty!!
But yours will need a cut-out as the exhaust will probably touch the belly pan. Some light aluminium strips bent into a curve (to go up and over the exhaust) will keep each side rigid where it is cut out. This will also let some cool air to the diesel tank.....
Then you can either cut out for the diesel tank itself or cover it entirely and continue all the way to the back, via the spare wheel. Maybe a removeable hatch for the spare wheel could work?

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