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Good Stuff !!!

Hi Paul,

This sounds like another interesting project !!!

I read an article in Circuit Cellar Magazine (August 2008) that covered a similar project. Like you said it cost them $2000 - $3000 to build that AC Controller.

I would be willing to donate to the cause, give me a list and count of the parts you need to get started.

I would also love to see an open source group effort on a “3-phase Switched Reluctant (SR) Controller”. The architecture for that type of controller is not that much different from AC, the SR can also do regenerative braking. The neat thing about an SR system is that the EV motor is EXTREAMLY simple to make. The SR motor is a just a housing, shaft, end plates, laminated rotor, and laminated stator with coils, NO BRUSHES or MAGNETS !!!

An open source SR EV system could be made which would be a low cost combination - Controller and Motor.

- Mark

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