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Thanks Darrell.

I'm working on driving more consciously. I am mostly highway, work is about 45 miles away (90 round trip) my Fiance is about 25 miles away. So by doing quicker starts and merging quickly shouldn't eat up too much gas, but if I'm going for mileage, I am going to try and curb some of that instinct to STOMP on the gas. Good call on slowing down.

I also have aftermarket rims. They are 17", and weigh similar to stock. (The tire weighs 2lbs more though) Stock diameter of the wheel is 24.21 in (and 195) so now it's 25.07 in (and 205). I believe (and perhaps it's in my head) that I've actually gained 1 MPG because the gearing is a little longer.

This weekend I'm going to clean it out well, and try to look where I can shed weight.

I'm pretty good with maintenance and the engine and chassis is in good working order. After this tank of gas I'm going to start keeping a log book for mpg. My odometer will be off, 3.555% because of the wheel difference.

I was also thinking I could use blue tape for the seams. I'm really quite intrigued by some of the aero projects on here.
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