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i think getting it tuned up would help me get my mpg up, i plan on sea foaming the car and swithcing it over to synthetic oil very soon.

here are some pics, she aint pretty

and what i mean by style is in aftermarket style, with a nod to eco modding. i plan on taking off the roof rack(dont use it) switch to the protege mirros(way more areodynamic, and stylish) tint the windows(the A/c is coupled to an underpowered engine, no use taking more power)

i was also thinking about lowering the car, so it's lower to the ground, and either fab up a splitter for the front bumper, or get the escort GT front, since is a not as blunt at the stock bumper. i have thought about exhuast, but i just dont like the 4 banger sound, and i doubt it wil be much improvement. intake wise i tink just having the air silencer removed is all it needs(it was making the gnine wokr hard for no reason) i also want to install a tachometer, i want to know the engine speed lol

then some appearance stuff here and there, as you can tell by this pic of my fun weekender car, i like making cars look nice and clean no matter how loser-ish they may have started as
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