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Carlos -

You're right, I shouldn't have coupled them in the same post, really. The point was that GM started out with a child corporation that could have really gone somewhere... and to make the point stand out, they did what religious fanatics do to their children - forced the belief that what was already being done was best, regardless of what is fact.

GM, in essence, is a cult, and Saturn was a cult-bred child that tried to leave the "family", only to be squashed, controlled, broken, and rebuilt in the Oldsmobile image, except with it's own exclusive dealers.

Saturn did have a slight aftermarket following, but not specifically for the type of person I call "EZ Tuners", or those that like to think they can pick up 20-30 HP with an exhaust, intake, and flooding the engine with 700CC RCE injectors. These are the same kids that spend thousands of dollars "upgrading" their cars, but never get a dyno sheet or a real tune.

The Saturn SC was a fairly potent machine, with decent upgrades and a fairly stout reputation, from what I see.

And by the way, Cavaliers after the V6 Z24 era just suck, until EcoTec came to be. And now, even the EcoTec Cobalts aren't noteworthy compared to the newest cars on the market in terms of overall performance, IMHO.

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