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Just a little update:
I installed my HID lights into those TYC one piece projector headlights and have been super happy with the results.

Light output has almost doubled (1500 lumens with halogen, 3200 lumens HID) and light coverage is way better.

I've gotten high beamed a couple times with the halogens even though they were aimed right. They did have a horrible hot spot in them. Now with the HIDs in there, I have not gotten beamed once. The light is much more evenly spread on the road.

I also have the final version of my rubber lip on my car (will get pics today). It looks just like the green one posted above but is black, lol.

The next project that I'm tackling is a full exterior LED conversion. I am in the process of making the boards to place inside the rear tail lights. The running/brake lights will consist of 240 red/orange Lumiled LEDs and the turn signals will consist of ~160 Amber Lumiled LEDs. Total wattage for this setup will draw only 48Watts while braking, that's less than half of what the stock incandescent light system draws. Along with the 40W reduction from the HID system I'm dropping just over 120W from my electrical system, for a whopping .16HP increase, lol.

I'll be taking pictures of the whole process this time around so others can see and hopefully be inspired.


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