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Carlos -

I may be mistaken, but I took your "autonomous entities" comment to mean something closer to being back in the earlier days, like pre-70's.

There were engines in those days such as the 401 (Caddilac) and big blocks into the 500 and 600 CI range, as well as a few smaller engines, but mostly 8 cylinders. Buick at the time had the "Straight 8", a well renowned "beast" of the day, that made boat loads of torque and was most reliable run at nearly steady state.

One of the car guys I used to hang out with had a 1941 (I believe) Buick Straight 8 wagon in his carport for most of his life, and ended up selling it in unmolested condition with only maintenance performed, original tires, etc. for well over $100,000 to a collector who happened to be driving down the road.
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