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Hard to hard to find tall skinny tires...

Hi all, love this forum. I've been learning a lot here and have already implemented a few mods to my 1996 metro (grill block, lowered, advanced timing, 125/15 donuts spare's for rear and fully gutted 1600lbs)
So, i'm not thinking about.... i am going to use 2 140/90/15's for the front, (24.9'') compared to the 155/80/13's (22.6'') on now. The wheels i am using are off any mid nineties Honda accord spare 15X4 10LBS, 4X114.3. The tires I will be putting on them are rated at 800lbs at 41 psi which is fine for my 500lb x2 front.
I drive around 80 miles to work so pulse and glide is not in my cards, 70-75 is though. Here's the kicker the tires i am using will be hard compound motorcycle tire's 36 bucks each....... I'll let you know how they hold up.
oh yeah this will be combined with a 1993 1.3 swift tranny and a camback.

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