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Hi Janis! Here's what I ordered so far:



7815 voltage regulator (to power the igbt module)

1uF, 0.1uF, (and possibly others, I forgot) MLCC capacitors.

1/3 HP 3 phase AC induction motor. 3450 RPM, 208v/440v.

two 270uF 400v caps for making the DC supply from the house outlet.

Sawickm got me this bugger: PICKIT3. ya!

Here's what I still need:
120v to 120v AC-AC isolation transformer (for testing, so I don't need a bunch of optocouplers)

full bridge rectifier (Ebay has a nice cheap 30amp full bridge rectifier for like $2.50 I think. I'll order that soon)

Encoder ($85... ouch. That's why I want to get the sensorless version to work in the long run). Janis, you are absolutely correct. It would be better to get a resolver for real world driving, but this is just a small test circuit, and the encoder will keep the electronics to a minimum when I'm just trying to get it to work.

2 current sensors. I already have 1 LEM Hass 50-s, but I need one more. That will be another $26. Yuck... The nice thing is, these will be the same current sensors (with a higher amp rating though) for the full sized car version.

I'll add more later if I think of anything.
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