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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
That is another reason why you generally can't just pluck an automotive engine out of a car and stick it into an aircraft. The duty cycles are waaay different, with the auto engine loafing along most of it's life with brief periods of higher load, and the a/c engine working pretty hard most of it's life, with brief periods of even higher load. That's why we ought not laugh too hard at an a/c engine that uses, say, 330 cubic inches to put out 100 hp. It's not because the engineers were dense.
a continental O-300 (opposed 300 ci) makes 145 a GO-300 (geared opposed) is good for 175hp the standard o300 has a TBO of 1800 hours at 2500rpm the GO300 gets 1200 hours at 3200 rpm I think.

lycoming gets 150 hp out of a O-320 and an O-360 is good for 180-200hp

these engines are making RATED (not peak) HP at 2500rpm

the 100hp engines are about 200-235 cubic inches.

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