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After church I went out to the freeway, Hwy 80 (5 lanes) relatively flat 3 small rises and dips across the 5 miles..
Went up and down a 5 mile stretch 3 times each way. Grille blocks on both ways.
Temp uot side was 68 degrees.
At 65 mph 27 mpg & 27.7mpg tires at 34psi
At 60 mph 28.9 mpg & 28.9 mpg tires at 42 psi
At 55 mph 29.1 mpg & 31.2 mpg tires at 43psi

The speed is Garmin GPS.
The BEAST is running a 255x45x18 tire. not the stock size 245x45x18.
On a 1000 mile drive to Utah I ran the gps agai9nst the factory odometer.
THe BEAST is off a little over 3%

So those mpg numbers from the dash are off (under) by 3%.

I should have checked the tires before I started because I intentionally run 40+ psi when on the road for any length of trip.
THe increase at the third pass was natural.

also, i had not grabbed the electrical tape sa I didn't get a base line......

However: the result on the first run w/ low psi is slightly better than normal.
I am EXTATIC that that little work produced a result!

The temp gauge never budged and I did have the a/c on....set at 68 to match the outside air temp.
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