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I could, and someday I will make a better version of what I have on the car now, but I keep looking at Basjoos car, and how good his Cd is and can't see the point in doing much more than caulking the gaps... I would guess that it will be another year before I need to do an oil change on Suzi, and at that time I may be looking at doing a bunch of other stuff too, like putting new gaskets on the engine to stop the SLOW leaks... (15,000 mile oil)
Thanks for the props. Yes, the Prius is one of the places I pull from, but lots of cars around this forum have also inspired me... and I'm using my Hucho book as a guide.
I would also agree with you that negative pressure in the cabin is a bad thing... but the suction only occurs when I am moving, and leaving the exhaust behind me. When I am sitting still, it's like having my windows cracked. With the wiper block, I need the suction to help pull air through the car without having to run my blower.
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