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Originally Posted by wdb View Post
I'm going by anecdotal evidence, but there was a fair bit of it back in the price spike of Aught Eight. A lot of newspaper articles about people who had been routinely spending $60 or $70 to fill up their duallie pickups but could not bear the thought of going into the triple digits. They took to partially filling the tank and/or parking the beasties. Also a bunch of stories about old pumps that either could not handle triple digits or else could not handle $4/gallon.

Google "$100 fillup" for a...

...fillup of stories.
There was a little station near the small town of Vanderbilt (about 15 miles from me) whose pumps could apparently not handle over $3/gallon. This was after Katrina. They had a note on the pump that they had set the price to half, they will double it at the register. Problem was double the pump price didn't jell with what the sign said, so I went somewhere I could trust.

I wonder if people who don't fill the tank realize that it wastes fuel every time you stop somewhere, including the gas station. But I guess if you're in an area with a lot of gas theft, you won't be out as much if they hit you.

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