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Thumbs up Shutting off second carb and fe

Deary hyper milers
In most carbs if there are two holes for air intake then it is a twin carb,what I did is to turn off the second carb with no visible side effects other than fuel savings.
In some carbs the second carb is turned on by vacuum in some by accelerator link that engages about half way after the first one is running.
what I did was remove the second carb linkage from the accelerator and then opened the top of the carb assembly to get access to the place where fuel is accumulated I guess it is known as the fuel pot.In the pot u will find two brass or copper jet fuel inlets for each carb,what I did was to put some epoxy on the closed carbs jet.Also I made sure the closed carbs plate at the bottom that opens to let in fuel air mixture was in a shut position and I stuffed in a piece of cloth to make doubly sure other wise air entering thru the closed carb will infere with the engine behaviuor.
Also retightening all nuts around the carb on the intake manifold etc improved perforance.
What I did was pretty crude but what the hell the idea is to hyper mile.
Iam pretty sure on the american v8's with the four barrel carb in the middle u can get away with closing the secondary barrels and leaving the primary ones intact but a detailed study first would be a good idea,cause I havent tried them.
will put up pics if interested

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