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I expect mileage wise will be a lot better as well. Sure the old engine gives the occasional 55-60mpg roadtrip, but in town it gets about 30-35, and to maintain high-mileage is currently excruciating. I'm planning on doing an alternator kill switch too, and hopefully get one of these new-fangled mpguinos. I have two of the old supermids, but it would be nice to get mpg readout and my old(current) vss was giving me bad readings in the hf which ultimately led me to stop using them. My best mileage in the crx seemed to be about 35mph in 4th gear according to the supermid... I'm expecting my best constant mileage speed to increase a bit. I've read that in the civic vti 30km/l (72mpg) was possible at 60km/h (37mph). The hf is several hundred pounds lighter, has longer gears and better Cd.

When I pull the old 155K motor I'll rebuild it and put it in my 90 crx that has 270K mi for a real comparison against the conversion. Although the 90 is heavier.
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