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you forget 1 problem.
the energy from the alternator , is wasted converting rotational power to electric.
lose 25% , then the electric motor , back to rotational. Double losses !!
so you'd have to have a very smart electric pump to compensate for that loss.
huge conversion losses.
no free lunch on that. ( no engine alternator creates free energy either )

you also under estimate the huge amount of wasted energy the engine expels as heat.
Even at idle , and cruise.
The water temp(coolant) must never drop below 150F. or the ECU will drop to warm up mode and while go rich AFR. Defeating the whole purpose.
so you must keep the temp between 150 and 195F.
there is a latency for this , you must not let it overshoot.
so long as you maintain good circulation, you will be ok.

I think the mfg wants to shorten the length of the car by taking out the pump on the front RWD. or on FWD cars a bigger motor fitting between strut towers.
lots of reasons, but efficiency? , sorry im just a skeptic,
show me. with hard data.
Lots of ideas, few , hard facts.

Those inefficiencies above are darn hard to overcome.

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