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Crazy talk or not?

So on my Data Logger Tach I have on the Coronet, I have conventional tach input and driveshaft sensor which simply sends a pulse to the tach as the magnet crosses the sensor. It lets me calcualte converter slippage, tire spin, and tire growth/mph. I making the assumption that aftermarket/OEM receives wheelspeed sensor data the same way.

So, I thought, if I can build a little 12v digital circuit that can generate a suitable pulse, have a LED average display and a input device (keypad +/-) I could interface that with the cruise control circuit, and "set" a pulse count or width. Since the wheel sensor would be removed, the pulse would be consistent leading to a "fixed" throttle position.

I could easily calculate the approximate wheel speed data to get starting point for a few different common speeds. I'm dropping by the local wrecking yard to look at some LXs w/ cruise control.

Crazy talk or not?
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