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Awesome! That enclosure is a piece of art. I'm a tiny bit worried about the heat spreader. The mosfet clamp holes looked a tiny bit too far down, but maybe not. There's room and flexibility for it. I use 0.2" below the top to drill the holes. Also, are the mosfet clamps the right kind of metal? So that they will keep their springiness? It's really really really important to make sure the mosfets are clamped firmly against the heat spreader. One time I clamped 9 mosfets really hard, and left one "gently clamped" on accident, and I blew that one mosfet up. It was pretty easy to take apart and remove and add a new one, but still it was scary.

That's a really really good idea to have an exchange for copper so the person can drill stuff and send it out. Awesome job!
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