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Version 2D! I can't wait to hear how it works out. I'm working on adding voltage monitoring on mine too. That is not only important for pre-charging, but you can add code so that batteries won't sag too low. I finally got Protel 99SE working in my garage. I'm so happy! ya!

I hope this turns into an arms race! hahaha. By some time next year, this group will have a $200 zilla!

Here's my DC holy grail, which will take a little time:
Learn the dsPIC30F2010, which has programmable dead times between pwm outputs (and has 6 pwm channels). Use it to drive maybe 12 of the new 200v 230amp 7.5Ohm RdsOn gigaMos mosfets, and 12 freewheel "mosfets" (same ones), which will easily be a 1000 amp controller. It will use a total of 6 drivers. 3 for the mosfets, and 3 for the "freewheel mosfets". (syncronous rectification). It will need something other than the LEM current sensor since that only goes to 900 amps. Bob sent some current shunts that I think will be perfect for that. ya! Thanks Bob!
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