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all well and good.
the thermostat controls the flow of the coolant based on the temperature of the fluid as it just exits the motor. "out of the book" and controlling the flow controls the temperature at the same point. It will never control the temperature of the water temp. as it leaves the Radiator. By Design.

nothing else need be worried , so long as the Radiator has cooling Overhead

Thermal shock? are you cranking blocks?

you forget to state the problem.

you must be discussing , living in the extreme North. in super frigid temperature.
it is SOP to block the Radiator in these locations. since the tin lizzy days. (im 62 just retired,mech)

i guess we need a variable displacement radiator.
but a computer controlled bypass is the only solution. and one more thing prone to fail.
cardboard works great. as do the variable louvers on MACK trucks.

my friend (heavy equip. op , mech) in Prudhoe bay AK , they spray the whole motors with instant foam insulation. Extremes have not limit , it seems.
most their equipment never gets shut off ( speaks volumes, no?)

If you have cold operation prob. post them.

thanks for your clear issues.
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