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24.27 lbs per gallon Co2
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Ceramic pads are sexy. My left caliper was jammed creating massive brake drag... that explains why my last two tanks only netted me 33 mpg. In other news, I finally found the brackets that hold the spare tire. Its so nice to not hear that bouncing around all day long.

While under the car, I discovered the muffler wasn't really attached to the body, so when I do my motor mounts I'll fix that.

I just picked up a pair of Deka Dominator batteries from work. They had been used for 6 months in a Zap Xebra. EV batteries! Yay! Now to disconnect that alternator...

Today I drove a Wheego Whip. Its a fabulous car. I passed a Hyundai. On the freeway. Oh my 0.o


PS if anyone needs Deka Dominators, we've got 4 more used ones for sale cheap. They are in Minneapolis

Hehehe... If one of your facial lacerations leaves a small scar, you'll have a SCarlett.
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