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Originally Posted by roflwaffle View Post
Have you tested the donuts RR in order to see if there's a significant difference between them and a small LRR tire? Besides, at best you could pick up a few mpg at 70-75mph if you cut the rolling resistance in half compared to whatever is on there now. If you cut the drag coefficient in half like basjoos did, you'll gain 20+mpg at 70-75mph, and there won't be any worries about undesirable operation.
Based on what I know about tires, using donuts to improve fuel economy is futile. There is no attempt by the tire manufacturer to control RR - or wear or traction or ride or durability. It's all about cheap. They use substandard materials in these tires because they only need to go 50 miles at 50 mph.

You'd be further ahead (and a whole lot safer) selecting tires where the feature IS RR!

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