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My brother tells me he has two computers, doesn;t know what they need. I drive 290 miles round trip, I get to keep one.
one is a hp6735 attempting to run on 100w. <8k hours runtime since the year 2001, never updated, still had win me...
no problem. I ran a p2 for web chores and knew the celeron 633 with a 10 dollar ebay rage 128 GL vid card, and it would do just fine as backup. It ran, I am here with it.

The other computer, he talked as if was nice. for some reason the 2.7ghz celeron had a missing pin and many were bent.I asked him how, and he said his neighbors kid picked it up and thew it against the wall with the heavy heatsink still stuck to it.


Been there done this, only 130nm/90nm is getting pretty freakin small for eyeballs and a little flat edge to straighten them. so I get the cpu squared away, drop a jumper in the 478 socket for the missing pin... the ide popped right before my very eyes...out loud.
He tells me he grabbed the hi-pro power and it squished its covering against the heatsink... he got 120v,(electrocuted himself). just like the whole computer apparently. So far , it has shown to take:
the rom,
the hard drive,
the hard drive ribben,
the cpu,
a stick of infineon ram,
and the motherboard...
and the battery is hopelessly no go (very odd)
all at the same freakin time. The odds are greater to get zapped by a psu...

I'd rather fix a pretty girls computer..
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