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Most of my long miles are on interstates, so people can pass. It's just getting used to watching them fly by on the left. I did a 50 miler today, and I had to take my battery out so I tried another reset.

I read something somewhere that on a PT Cruiser you disconnect the battery to reinitialize, and then if you drive for a certain distance or amount of time and never exceed 55 mph, that the ECU will reset to an economy mode and you can get good mileage. I did this with a 2002 PT Cruiser with a 5spd and could get around 33 mpg, which is much better than most people get. I figure since Big Red is also a Chrysler product, that maybe the same thing holds. Anyway for my 50 miler the avg mpg fluctuated from 36 with a couple of miles in parking lots and traffic that took it way down to about 26 , but my finishing mpg was 30.6. I know I won't be able to maintain this going back up to 10,200 feet where I live, but it still felt pretty good. But it's also why I don't trust short trips, or even tankful trips. I feel that a 1000 mile avg is a pretty good statement on how the car is performing.

But the next few days are going to be in predicted snow storms with wind, so my ecu reset might go out the window...
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