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Thumbs up Compressed air for drag reduction ( Coanda slots )

The latest issue of Motor Trend ( December 2009 ) has a ( one page ) article on page 39 entitled 'Aero Blows' by Frank Markus .
The article states that in a series of tests using compressed air on the back of vehicles, drag was reduced by 36 % on an automobile, and an incredible 84 % on a semi truck.
The testing was done by Robert Englar at the Georgia Tech Research Institute.
Using compressed air not only reduces drag, but can also be used to better control a vehicle in a crosswind.

Another benefit is that there is no need for a boat tail at the rear of the car, or other add-ons such as spoilers.

I posted in the hopes that one of you guys might get some use out of the idea. I'd love to see a homebuilt version of this idea.

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