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Car shaking?

Been a long time since I posted here....a problem with my car is what has brought me back.

Recently my car started shaking when I accelerate. The problem started happening all at once, not gradual at all. It shakes vehemently in every gear, primarily during acceleration, but also to a lesser extent if I am simply pressing the gas pedal. In the limited driving I have done with the car, I've resorted to a lot of gas saving techniques like neutral coasting and EOC, because this is the only way to really reduce the shaking. The shaking does appear to be slightly lessened if I drive the car in a lower gear and thus a higher RPM. This problem has also significantly impacted the performance of the car. For instance, it has difficulty maintaining highway speeds in 5th gear, and acceleration is impaired. Additionally, the car is idling poorly. The tach jumps up and down between 600 - 1000 RPMs. Perhaps it is just anecdotal but it seems to idle WORSE after the car has warmed up.

Any help you guys can give would be greatly appreciated. I just got a new apartment and have a lot of expenses, so my hands are really tied in terms of professional help. I am hoping someone here can help me diagnose it, and I can get a manual and fix the problem myself.

And in case it helps, it is a 1994 Mits Galant.


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