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Picked up engine

Traveled to the terminal to pick up the engine this afternoon. Everything looked to be in order and it fit easily in the back of a Ford Ranger, plenty of room to spare. A bit heavier than I imagined but FedEx loaded it up with their forklift no problem.

I split open the shrinkwrap when I got home and brought in my new p2j-003 ecu and saw that they had included the jdm engine fuse-box with the harness and it all looks good from what I can tell, seems to be complete. Still have to finish unwrapping tomorrow and make better inspection.

Now I just need to get my crx in place and start removing the old engine. Has 312,XXX miles so I'm pretty interested in taking it apart and seeing how it has held up.

If all goes well I may do the same swap in my other crx, or perhaps I will just rebuild it. Too early to tell. I <3 crxs. I will be sure to document my progress and get some pictures up soon!

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