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race car , i wonder how that race car does in N,Dakota. in the winter?
Most ppl here?,expect it to work full time all the time. not on some track.

sure as i said, the temperature can be controlled at all times with flow and the rate of flow and with more than one sensor, when its really hot and when very cold.
a PIC processor and some tables. nothing more. ( with elec.pump)

Thermostat is a very reliable device and is gosh darn dirt cheap.
it regulates fully linear from closed to open (wax expansion)

one can argue that having simple system is better.
relying on the STAT and the belt. ( few parts)
the early rage for electric fans was.
low hood line.
and too small radiator was used for same, and now motor overheats at a engine kill.
so it kicks on ,parked key off at 225F or higher.

it for sure saves lots of fuel , when driving on a highway, that is for sure.
if the duty cycle is low. 10%
if the DC is high, it uses more energy (fuel) because of it's poor efficiency.(double conv)

keep in mind any extra piping is just more that can freeze.
same with external pump. (mind that antifreeze)

there must be this huge list of pros and cons
engineering is a compromise and must include bad weather.
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