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Our VX has been subjected to rough conditions for the last several months. we live on an unpaved road, and there has been lots of snow. Now it is melting, and you can really feel the drain of energy from the mud. I am averaging mid to upper 40's mpg with a few miles on the mud and then the remainder on rural highways. I think my average would be better but my wife uses the car too, and she is not as obsessive as I am. At least she drives really slow. She sometimes forgets and drives along in 3rd going 50, while talking...and all I can think of is "shift up...shift up".

I don't have the nerve to average 30 mph. I would definately be run off the road...but I have been pushing it these days. This last tank I have been driving 47-50 in a 55mph zone, and then doing just 40-45 mph on the really quiet 55 mph zones. I think the vx is most efficient around 35mph. Really though I cant wait for the weather to get better so I can do some aero mods.
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