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blowing and sucking doesn't suck

Alex Tremulis believed cars would have Cd 0.12 by now,using suction slots and strategic blowing over the car body.
He cited a paper by,I'm going to say J.J.Cornish,from 1978,presented at an AIAA congress in California.
Cornish proposed using a turbocharger to run a pump which would provide both vacuum and pressure to enhance airflow over the blunt car bodies.
If any member has Paul von Valkenberg's book on race car engineering,at the back of the book I believe there are smoke flow photos of a Corvette with and without suction.The difference is remarkable!
I've seen some of Georgia Tech's stuff.
The sticking point was always the energy to run the pump.
Alex is one of my heroes.I was fortunate to meet and visit with him at his home after Bonneville before my return trip from the west coast.He was a smart man,his home had many of his design models which reflected his knowledge of and passion for aerodynamics and I would trust his judgment without reservation.
I hope those Georgia Tech people pull this off.It would be great for everybody.
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