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Originally Posted by tjts1 View Post
Seeing how successful the 80mph experiment has been, you can bet they'll be expanding it in the future.
I think higher speed limits will encourage people to buy smaller, more fuel efficient cars. So what if you burn more fuel at 80mph than 55mph? The majority of driving is still done in cities, stuck in traffic, etc.
And that is probably true for most of you. But when the national gov't (yes, the NATIONAL gov't. We really DON't have a "federal" gov't anymore, regardless of the US Constitution) imposes laws upon ALL, even when said laws are mind-numbingly STUPID for many of us who live in those "fly-over" states, we resent it. And when we regain control over our own laws, people like the OP get upset. Sheesh!

The maximum speed anybody happens to reach over a year's worth of driving is essentially irrelevant when you consider the other 90% of driving that is limited by traffic, etc.
And not to rag you, but you clearly make a jump from "the majority" to "anybody". I drive ~35k miles a year, 90% of which is on two-lane or limited-access highways. With what most of you would consider "light traffic." So we can impress upon our state gov'ts the appropriateness of higher speed limits "in select areas" when it would seem to be impossible to do so with many of you who spend "90% of driving ... limited by traffic". So, butt out of Utah's state rights. And any other state that you clearly have no idea what it's like to live in.
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