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New to the geo

After the expensive attempts to make my 99 ford powerstoke diesel fuel effiecent. Running high horsepower aftermarket everthing ran out of money and know have two dead motors that need to be rebuilt. Desided to take a battery out to this little old blue car that one of my customers desided he didnt want anymore 3 years ago. 3 years ago i changed oil tested antifreeze and put stabilizer in the gas. 3 cranks the old geo started right up got the snow showled out from around it and drove it down to my shop to check it over and change fluids. Filled the car up with fuel a hole $22 and off i went. My powerstroke my best mileage i ever got out of it was 22 and in a 1 ton 4 door long box pickup is really good. I old goal was to get 700 rear wheel horse out of the ford or die trying well it died twice so im building one of the motor back to stock specs so i still have a truck worth somthing but my new goal is to see what this geo can do. I dont know the year going to have to do some more checken and get all the paperwork switched over to my name but i know is its a 3cyl 5 speed hatch back 2 dr. i took the ac belt off so it wouldnt turn the ac pump anymore but curious what you guy and or gals on this site have found for fuel milage these little thing can do and what can i do to ming to make it more effecient. thank Brian

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